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white house heritage hs


White House Heritage High School is a 223,000 S.F. facility for grades 7-12 designed with a core capacity of 1,200 students.  The 65-acre campus is located in White House Tennessee in Robertson County.

Upon conclusion of program and planning meetings the consensus was the initial facility would house Grades 7 thru 12 with the master site plan developed and circulation considered for a future middle school to be built on site in the future. The circulation and relationship of spaces was designed to limit contact and interaction between the 7 and 8 grades with high school students.  Should conditions warrant construction of future middle school this layout would allow 7 and 8 grade academic areas to be easily converted to a  “Ninth Grade Academy” within the facility.

The design allows the lower commons/ lobby area to be secured from the academic areas of the building for after hours student activities and community events use, while still maintaining required egress.

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