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The KBJM design process has become very robust over the years because  each project is unique and each school systems has had different experiences. For that reason, our chief advantage from the outset of any project is our vast experience and our ability to listen and recognize that the Owner’s interests always come first.


A typical project starts with preliminary planning that may include visiting similar schools already in use and working together with the Owner to define the scope of the project along with a project budget. The grade structure, proposed enrollment and core capacity are all determined in this phase.


Weekly design meetings are common between the architect and Owner to generate a floor plan, site plan, exterior elevations and 3d rendering. The goal of this phase is to develop a building plan that performs both functionally and educationally for the Owner.


Weekly meetings continue with the entire design team. In this stage, the emphasis is on building systems, energy efficiency and maintenance. Alternate systems are explored and selected based on input from various departments including transportation, maintenance, facility management, food services, security, etc.


At the end of this phase, the structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems have been selected along with roof type, building materials, technology infrastructure, security systems, etc.


With the building systems selected, the next step is to detail the building for construction. A thoroughly detailed  and coordinated set of documents will result in competitive bids and limited issues during construction. Since nearly all of our work is in K-12 public education, we have a very close relationship with the State Fire Marshal’s office in Nashville and we will involve them throughout the design process as needed.


KBJM will handle the bid phase on behalf of the Owner. Typical bid phase tasks include the advertisement for bid, pre-bid conference, contractor pre-qualification, addendum, bid opening and recommendation to the Board of Education.


This phase is commonly overlooked but extremely important to a successful project. KBJM will provide contract administration services throughout the construction phase to ensure the project stays on schedule, on budget and is built according to the drawings and specifications. Our team will review shop drawings and pay applications and assist the Owner in selecting colors and finishes. In addition, we will make both scheduled and unscheduled site visits throughout the project. As the building nears completion, the design team will prepare a punch list of corrective items and review all required close-out documents prior to final completion and   occupancy.


Our services do not end when the building is occupied. In addition to the one-year punch list, our staff will be available for any needs or issues that arise at the facility. We are always accountable for our work regardless of time frame.

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