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Blanche School is a 74,500 s.f. facility for grades PreK-8, designed with a core capacity of 700 students. The 103.66-acre campus is located in Taft, Tennessee in Lincoln County. 


The goal of the Educational Program was to provide a state-of-the-art facility to educate the children of the Blanche community while replacing an aging existing facility and to allow for growth in the ever-growing southern area of Lincoln County.  This goal was met by providing a facility designed with growth in mind and providing a safe learning environment promoting academics, extracurricular activities, and community pride.

The building life safety and security system consists of a digital IP phone system for building communications, a Digital building intercom system for classroom communications, in building BDA public safety radio system, advanced analytic camera system throughout the building, classroom keyless/wireless network door locking systems.  Each of these systems build a well-rounded and integrated security presence at the building allowing the building administrators to control access, secure their  facility and view how it is being used in real time.

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