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Stoner Creek Elementary is a 115,561 s.f. facility for grades PreK-5, designed with a core capacity of 1,000 students.  The school, located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee in Wilson County, sits on a 64 Acre multi school campus. 

This facility was hit by a devastating EF-3 Tornado in March of 2020 just weeks before Covid crippled the country.  The existing facility had to be torn down due to the damage sustained from the storm.  Covid interjected more issues, material delays and increased costs slowed the project down, but when it was finished and the staff and students were able to move into their new school, the wait was worth it.

Replacing a tornado damaged school was the main goal of this project.   The storm damaged the entirety of the existing school, only the Gymnasium facility that was added in 2008 was able to remain.   The rebuild required the school to meet the 2018 Version of the International Building Code, this code requires a storm shelter in educational facilities.  The storm shelter in this school encompasses the entire Dining Room as well as adjacent classrooms and hallway spaces and is large enough to shelter the entire student/staff population.  The shelter features a generator and water supply long enough to last one hour. 

The main entrance features a secure vestibule mandating all visitors check-in before proceeding into the school.


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